SCC Sunday Ride report: 9th July

Craig Scott writes: We met at Daves at 8:30 with the sun shining and a clear blue sky. Nick Shore was back after his crash in the WRC and Chris Gibbons is now back on his bike after 5 weeks off. With Nick Gillies and Stu Cowperthwaite the turn out was not bad.

My bike has had to go back to Trek so I was riding a friend’s spare bike. After a few miles it was clearly evident that something was not quite right – rattles from the front and rear of the bike and a dropped chain right in the middle of Cross Hills roundabout – this wasn’t going to be an easy day! Stuart on the other hand was riding a fixie (crazy man) and his legs were going ten to the dozen when speeds reached in excess of 24 mph much to the amusement of us.

We went up and over the Moss into Colne then to Foulridge to meet Conor, a newcomer to SCC. Carrying on through Earby to Thornton we had a decent pace, forgetting about Stu on his fixie – by the time we had reached Thornton the look on his face was priceless. He worked out that with the speed we were doing he was pedalling in the region of 150 rpm!! A quick stop at West Marton to sort out a few issues with my bike we then carried on through Bank Newton on our way up to Airton and on to Kettlewell for a coffee stop at Zarinas. Having never ridden the local Yorkshire roads before Conor was quite surprised at the fantastic scenery and the quality of roads which we are lucky to have up here.

Riding back on the old road to Grassington, Stu left us at Coniston and made his way back home. I must say, it was great to have him on the ride. Being the strongest rider in our group he gladly stopped on the front and was happy to be drafted but then he’d also drop back to drag anyone up the hills if they needed it (or should I say if I needed it!).

Conor then took the lead and guided us into Grassington. At this point we split up. Due to tired legs Nick Shore and myself decided to head straight back down Grassington Road while Conor and Nick Gillies went on to Burnsall to attack some more hills. After a long grind into a cheeky head wind and nearly back at Bog Wood Nick found a novel way of saving energy and latched onto the back of a passing tractor and within 30 seconds had created his own mini break away. After catching him up we both rolled into Skipton spent but happy.

Overall a good morning. A very interesting ride with plenty of rattles, bangs, scenary, new riders, drafting, ridiculously high cadence, head wind, coffee and good company.
Hope to see you all next Sunday

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