Ride Report 50 miler 1/7/17

Route was down the Dale to Almscliffe Crag and then back through Stainburn to Farnley and after an alfresco café stop at Cockpit Farm, over the easy side of Langbar. Happily the new tarmac at Hesketh Farm gave us swift progress to Bolton Abbey. There are clearly more surface improvements to come along the Gated Road and how welcome that will be.

12 of us set off from Chevin Cycles with another 6 opting for the 30 mile route led by Andy Solloway. We didn’t realise how much the tailwind benefitted us until it was time to come back up the dale!

As the day progress the sun began to shine more: arm warmers and gillets discarded, the group made good progress through Addingham and then along the back road to Otley. Chris Preston showed us her short cut avoiding the busy junction near the bridge that cut out the first quarter of the mile of the climb.

Through Weeton and Huby to Almscliffe Crag was a good choice as we avoided the awkward crossing near Castley. Good views from the top of the climb across the lower Wharfe Valley beckoned us down to Leathley and then the steep little climb over the bridge near the trout farm up to Farnley Primary School.

Some of the group hadn’t been over Langbar so we need to rein their enthusiasm before the road pointed up wards! We regrouped at the top before the exhilarating descent down and the “popular” grind up the Gated Road into the headwind.

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A Good time was had by all!

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