Ride Report for the ( nearly) 50 miler on 15th July

Another “glorious summer day” (not) for this ride was reflected in the throng of members who turned out = 12! The forecast was wrong again as it started grey, drizzly and breezy and stayed like that all day. Not a good omen for the evening club BBQ at Bolton Abbey.  We set off with numbers split equally between the longer and shorter rides. It was good to see Simon T joining us again on these Saturday rides as he regains his fitness and enthusiasm for cycling.

The 6 on the longer became 8 at Carleton as Paul and his teenage grandson joined us. We navigated the road closure on Eshton Road in Gargrave and headed on to Winterburn. At this point a we had an enforced stop as Susan was stuck in her highest gear after the cable shifting the derailleur had snapped. As it was routed through the frame this wasn’t visible but a roadside fix managed to get the chain onto a lower  gear so that she could ride back either to get it sorted at Gargrave or get back home. Caran had given both rides a route using the back road to Thorpe but no one fancied that and she wasn’t there to ensure compliance ( we will take our punishment in due course)! So we took the better option of Linton where the groups split. Edward led the shorter ride back down the Dale and the longer ride turned left up t’ dale to Kettlewell. This group made swift progress but at Coniston decided Paul and his grandson turned decided that the longer route might be a bit too much for the youngster’s legs. Then there were 6.

A good cafe stop at Zarina’s, as usual, and then a pacey run down the dale to Hebden, Appletreewick and the Cav Pav before the delights of the new tarmac all the way back to Billy Bobs.

Steve W.

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