Ride Report 30 miler 1/7/17

8 of us set off, just five minutes behind the 50 mile riders, headed up the Gated Rd and indulged in the new tarmac through the farm, ignoring the signs 😉 Headed on to Bolton Abbey then to Addingham on the main road, then Carter Lane. Caught up with the 50 milers at the bridge over the Wharfe in Ilkley, then let them get ahead. We then went on past the Lido, then turned left up past Westcliffe House School heading for Langbar, the gentler way.

Swift descent, then on to Bolton Abbey again, where consensus was that we stopped at the Abbey Tea Rooms, not one that we usually stop at as it is so close. Well it was well worth it, quick service, very friendly and for me a large slice of lemon cake, made it one to recommend. Then onwards where we again came to a consensus that we do Black Park the hard way. Or Sunny Bank the nice way, depending on the spin you put on it! Well done all, including Alan who was on his first SCC ride, and coped admirably with both Langbar and Barden in quick succession. A really nice ride, good company and nicely laid back, as the 30s usually are. Cheers All.

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