50 mile Ride Report for 6th May

11 of us had an excellent day on the 50+ miler, following the precise route I posted up earlier in the week. Tail wind going out with splendid quiet roads up from Bolton by Bowland, Holden, Lane Ends and down to Easington, carefully avoiding the quarry size potholes which could easily swallow a man or woman.

And then Waddington Fell!!! After cutting snow steps and bracing 150 mph winds, we finally made the summit. In fact it was fine. We regrouped at the top ready for the 2.5mile descent into Waddington, well worth waiting for the 40+ mph sections.

By heck, there were some beans and eggs shifted at the cafe. There being 11 of us and about 16 other cyclists, good job I phoned up 2 days ago. The cafe did really well considering.
On the return, everybody appeared to enjoy the extremely quiet back road up from Downham. However, people sometimes lie about enjoying steep climbs! We finished up on main roads back from Thornton in a very well organised way. A tight group of 5 pairs with Jacqui and Martyn on the front. So maybe Skipton aren’t “all over the road.”

Cheers Rick Small

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