These photos are taken straight from the Skipton CC facebook group.
Couple of people on there look familiar, not to mention Rob Scott and Tom Pidcock.


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What size is it Craig Scott?


Sent you a PM Craig Scott. If it’s still available I’d like to come and have a look at it

Wish I could buy it, but my mrs says ave got to sell one of my other bikes first 🙁

Sold 👍

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Hope this is OK to post on here if not please remove

This offer is nearly over but will have more soon thanks Tim
Commute home along the canal.Image attachment
Bike camouflage!!


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Well dine

Fantastic, especially in this heat wave we are having. ☀️👍🚴‍♂️


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Brilliant pictures!! Glad you all enjoyed yourselves xx


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Chris Mdee Peter Jowett


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looks like i missed a treat

Yes the beer was brilliant, Edward Whitaker especially enjoyed it!!

There’s a few more!

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Me, and my Tripster!!Image attachment
I meant to share this Yesterday-if anyone is interested in this, it is this weekend so please check it out👍🏼
A rider on the LPD dropped them off yesterday.


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Great photos Paula -well done.

Many thanks to all the volunteers. Top job and super organised. Even the weather played it’s part. Brilliant 👏 👏 👏Image attachment


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Many thanks from my friend and participant Rob Winslade. Marshals smiling despite being stood on route for hours.

Well done! Good to see you at Horton 👍🏼

Thank you and we’ll done

Managed to get to kettlewell and back via grassington without getting wet. Love this bike !


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We saw you heading through Hetton, in front of us but just too far to shout!

What a fab photo!!!!

Kinesis UK Upgrade Bikes 👍

love the colour

Linton feed station items all ready for tomorrow. Cheese and Onion rolls just out of oven! Picking up Pies in the morning 😀🍌🥟🥧🍰Image attachment


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Looking forward to it 👏🚴

Save me one Phil ..👍

Lovely ride in to work.Image attachment
Please share this post to boost numbers, we now have over 500 😁
Hey ho! It’s off to work we go !!
Home again.Image attachment
steaming canal on the way to work.


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And the swans are there somewhere!

When I said wed filled that last two marshalls jobs ... well we did ... but we could do with just one more. Its to add to the team weve already got in Skipton town center (Sun 3/6, noon - end) Any takers?
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