These photos are taken straight from the Skipton CC facebook group.
Hey ho! It’s off to work we go !!
Home again.Image attachment
steaming canal on the way to work.


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And the swans are there somewhere!

When I said wed filled that last two marshalls jobs ... well we did ... but we could do with just one more. Its to add to the team weve already got in Skipton town center (Sun 3/6, noon - end) Any takers?
Cracking morning to be out on the bike
Thank you very muchly to Paul Stead and to Gary Crompton for filling the last two Marshall jobs!
Rear end of a traffic jam.


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Bloody farmers 😂😂😂

Lovin it!!😎
LPD Volunteers needed - as this picture shows, many hands make light work

We urgently need volunteers for Mon 4th June (AM only) to collect in any signs which have been left out and to tidy away the post event kit. At the moment there is just Nick Thompson and me!
 If you can help on the Monday after, even if its only for an hour or so, PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP.
LPD 2018 Volunteer Update - LPD minus 25 days & counting.

Hi guys - with just 11 days before the pre-event volunteer briefing (Sun 20th Mat @ The Narrowboat) we still need 2, preferrably three marshalls for Skipton Town Centre.

Come on ...... I know youre out there!
Please share with your cycling mates.
Jo Biott & Dave: Proof we made it!!


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We certainly did!! Great fun chasing you up Park Rash Tara.. What a fantastic day!!

Thanks for the add - hope to join the club and get out with you soon. Once Ive recovered from last weekend ...
This year I have cycled just under 400 kms. Ran just over 400 kms. 
On my new Tripster commuting to work I am averaging around 28 kmh on these tyres. I have come to the definitive conclusion that running is definitely good for cyclists. !!!


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I agree Karl completely, I've also found singlespeed works a treat as well for getting the legs strong on limited mileage, I'm over a thousand miles behind on previous years yet alot stronger.

......and hilly cycling is good for fellrunning too. Rubbish for flat speed though!

Another beautiful morning in the Yorkshire Dales.Image attachment


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Karl, if you ever fancy an early morning spin give me a shout. Tuesday morning breakfast rolls are still a thing, me, Sean Louis McKibben, Stephen Hannigan and Adam Winthrop are all out most Tuesdays at 6am.

Love to but I set off for work at 6:15. 😬😬

LPD Volunteer Update - At LPD minus 31 days and counting, Id like to welcome Sean Warters and Christa Baldwin to the LPD Crew. Were still looking for a few more volunteers:

Sunday - 2 or 3 more marshalls for Skipton town centre.

Monday - as many people as possible for the signage recovery and clean up team. At the momment weve got 1 lonely soul and no team leader.

Have a think and if you havent volunteered, please consider joining the crew.
Thule bike carrier. Lockable suitable for roof. £30?


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Have sent you a PM, Karl

Hope some SCC can make this - on your door step
Please share our club sportive promotion, only 8 weeks to go!!
LPD 2018 Volunteer Update: 

Wed like to welcome Christine Buckley, Peter Dolan, Graham Irons, Paul Stead and Jan Hill to the crew.

With just EIGHT WEEKS TO GO, were still looking for:
Saturday: 3 x Signage Team 
Sunday: 4 x Marshalls; 1 x Finish Team; 3 x Breakdown Team
Monday: 1 x Signage RecoveryLeader and 6 x volunteers.

If you can help, please let me know ASAP
Thank you to Christine Buckley, Rik Boon   Peter Dolan   Graham Irons and Paul Stead for volunteering for LPD 2018.

Still need more volunteers, so please keep spreading the word.
LPD 2018 - Volunteer Update: 

Hello fellow SCC FB group members. Weve managed to fill some more of the volunteer roles for this years Le Petite Depart - thank you to those whove stepped up - but weve still got these jobs to cover:

3 x Signage Team Volunteers (Sat 2nd June - AM)
1 x HQ Manager (Sat 2nd June - AM & all day Sunday 3rd June)
1 x Timing Team Assistant (Sunday 3rd June - all day)
7 x Route Marshalls (Sunday 3rd June - various locations and shifts)
1 x Finish Team Volunteers (Sunday 3rd June - afternoon)
3 x Event Breakdown Team volunteers (Sunday 3rd June - late afternoon)
1 x Signage Recovery Lead (Monday 4th June AM)
6 x Signage Recovery Volunteers (Monday 4th June - AM)

If you havent already volunteered and you can help with one or more of these specific jobs please let me know. If you can only help for a part of one day, just let me know when youre available and Ill try and find you something which suits your availability.

If you havent already told me that you cant help, please let me know and Ill take your name off the list of potential volunteers (and stop bugging you). 

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