These photos are taken straight from the Skipton CC facebook group.
Cheers Monday Nighters (B Team) proper enjoyed that😊

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Hi Paula sorry about waiting at Bolton Abbey, think as a group we decided to go on , we got around at a nice pace and back safely all together, if we're in any trouble I will take the ticking off , hope you guys had a lovely ride too ,, Thanks Roy

Having an "A" and "B" group really seemed to work anyway. The pace was really nice and steady with our group, and your group could step it up some. Plus if any of the "A" group start flagging, they could easily drop back and we would catch them up and they could join us. We all had fun, same again next week??

Shame I didn't make it last night, soun ds as if you all had fun. Hopeully next week πŸ˜€

Anybody know where this doorway can be found? I can almost guarantee most of you will have ridden past it.

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Up the Bailey?



Simon Lerpiniere and Nick Shore should definitely remember where this is.

forbidden garden ?

Bolton abbey is my guess

Nope and nope.

hhm i have seen it before

This sort of penalty was on railway property, any warmer?

Is it the gateway to the single market?

It's closer to my home

Gargrave - just after the bridge over the canal?

Correct. Cath.

On Shaking Stevens' 1981 album 'Shaky'? πŸ˜‰

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Sputnik pale ale.....Pretty good that Mr Townsley, it went down a treat!  #northbrewingcompany btw Im not with Christian as stated above!!!...just tagged him!
A very Social Summer BBQ by the Wharfe at Bolton Abbey. Thanks to Caran, Cath  and Simon

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Faces very much fed at that point! πŸ˜„πŸ‘ Thanks to everyone for coming xx

Thanks everyone for a lovely evening at Bolton Abbey & thanks for all the organisation to ensure the bbq was a success. Much appreciated πŸ˜€

A big thanks to everyone who helped and organised tonight's BBQ πŸ— it was a lovely evening thanks again.πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Lots of thanks to all!!!πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

Great evening with lovely people. 😁

Great burgers

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Five of us made the most of a glorious sunny day & headed over to Wensleydale via Kidstones then back up Coverdale via Malmerby Moor. Smashing!

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Nice πŸ‘

Unfortunately some of us had to work, only jelous..☹️

Good picture Christine which captures a memorable day out. Thanks

J striking a post race pose.
Big thanks to all folks that make the races possible , he really enjoyed his self.
A few shots of Skipton Cyle Race 2017. Really great night.
Ready for the off πŸΊπŸš΄πŸ˜€

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Will be down soon...

Are you racing?

Thanks you guys!! If you can get people interested in joining us, I'll buy you a pint!

Please hello to them for me... I rode with them last weekend

Watching the cycle race..fantastic!

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Smooth & silky new tarmac on Brootes lane (between Arncliffe & Malham) get there while its freshπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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Been down a while, seems to be holding up!

Good to see it's still silky. It was resurfaced last October!

lol it was still like brand new! Shows how little traffic it gets!!

The Sue Ryder all new Bronte Sportive comes through Skipton on 16 July. Early bird rate has been extended to Friday, 3 other routes available. Sign up for this great event and support your local hospice at

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I've already registered for the 89 mile one. Anyone else fancy it? (I've reccied it & there's plenty of climbing)

Ride Report for 50+ miler on 1st July 2017

Todays route was down the Dale to Almscliffe Crag and then back through Stainburn to Farnley and after an alfresco cafΓ© stop at Cockpit Farm, over the easy side of Langbar. Happily  the new tarmac at Hesketh Farm gave us swift progress to Bolton Abbey. There are clearly more surface improvements to come along the Gated Road and how welcome that will be!
12 set off from Chevin Cycles with another 6 opting for the 30 mile route led by Andy Solloway. Another new member joined that one. Jo joined us for her first 50. 
We didn’t realise how much the strong breeze benefitted us until it was time to come back up the dale later on!
As the day progressed the sun began to shine more: arm warmers and gillets discarded, the group made good progress through Addingham and then along the back road to Otley. Chris Preston, resplendent in new DHB strip matching her blue tyres and frame, showed us her short cut through the houses avoiding the busy junction near the bridge. It cuts out the first quarter of the mile of the climb up Farnley Lane too! 
Through Castley, Weeton and Huby to Almscliffe Crag was a good choice as we avoided the awkward crossing of the main road near Castley. Good views from the top of the climb across the lower Wharfe Valley beckoned us down to Leathley and then along Cinder Lane and the steep little climb over the bridge near the trout farm up to Farnley Primary School. The cafe stop was a pleasure as we enjoyed the warm sunshine in the front garden despite the attention of the hens scavenging around our feet.
Some of the group hadn’t been over Langbar (easy side) so we needed to rein in their enthusiasm to get there before the road pointed upwards! We regrouped at the top before the exhilarating descent down and the β€œpopular” grind up the Gated Road into the headwind and the usual post ride stop at Bean Loved.

A Good time was had by all!

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Steve you forgot to mention Chris' matching blue bottle cages . . . .

I need to start getting back out on my bike again. Will try and make a Saturday ride soon

Ride Report SCC 30 Miler 1/7/17. 8 of us set off, just five minutes behind the 50 mile riders, headed up the Gated Rd and indulged in the new tarmac through the farm, ignoring the signs;-) Headed on to Bolton Abbey then to Addingham on the main rd, then Carter Lane. Caught up with the 50s at the bridge over the Wharfe in Ilkley, then let them get ahead. We then went on past the Lido, then turned left up past Westcliffe House School heading for Langbar the gentler way. Swift descent, then on to Bolton Abbey again, where consensus was that we stopped at the Abbey Tea Rooms, not one that we stop at as it is so close. Well it was well worth it, quick service, very friendly and for me a large slice of lemon cake, made it one to recommend. Then onwards where we again came to a consensus that we do Black Park the hard way. Or Sunny Bank the nice way, depending on the spin you put on it! Well done all, including Alan who was on his first SCC ride, and coped admirably with both Langbar and Barden in quick succession. A really nice ride, good company and nicely laid back, as the 30s usually are. Cheers All.
Saturdays 50 Group Langbar.

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Nice shots Mike


Fantastic shots! Thanks Mike 😎

Hidden talent there Mike!

Great to see local rider Scott Thwaites in the TDF!
Here are piccies of Jayne Butterworth & me doing the bike leg of the Keswick short distance triathlon a couple of weeks ago. Was a tad wet & windy!

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Very serious expressions on both faces!

A few pics from 2017 Ilkley Road Races. Great Night.
Lunch today in Wetherby β˜•οΈπŸ°
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