Ride Report 26th Nov 2018

Caran S writes

19 riders assembled behind Chevin Cycles this week, maybe some had been put off by the 1433m of climbing over the 50 mile ride, although it could have been the grey, murky morning too! However, the murkiness didn’t last long and it ‘turned out nice again’ once we were up and over Sidegate Lane in Lothersdale. ‘Where?’ I hear you cry, well I’d never heard of it either and I planned the route! It wasn’t the hill I’d intended but a pleasant error, of sorts!
A watery blue sky could be seen and everyone was feeling much warmer by the time we got to a heavenly stretch of new black stuff on the tops at Black Lane Ends. A smooth and sleek descent towards Colne, where we said Bon Voyage to Mark and new rider Matthew – who were off to Café Cargo in Foulridge for a brew. Alas, they failed to find it so goodness knows where they stopped or if they did, they did get home though and Matthew said he may even join us on the 50 miler next time.
The remaining 8 riders continued along Red Lane, a lovely country road that is great to ride on but often plagued by the ‘rat-run’ drivers. On this occasion though it was pretty empty and all was well.
Riding down into Barrowford, we were all trying to remember which right turn to take, luckily we took the right one and another climb (then descent) into Roughlee. Then onwards to Barley, climbing the fabulous road alongside Pendle Hill (famous for being on Doctor Who), which looked splendid in the sunshine. We stopped at the crossroads for a photo and chatted to a few chaps that had climbed up the road that we were (rather sensibly) riding down.

There’s always a bonus or two to climbing a hill, the view from the top and the joy of the descent, we are so lucky to have such varied terrain on our doorstep.
Off we went, following the twists and turns to Downham village – apparently the toilets there are something to behold, next time you’re there pop in! We arrived at Greendale View Café earlier than expected, the faster group had arrived and had the comfort of their own dining room! I apologised to them for the ‘mistake’ hill but they’d enjoyed it anyway and can’t wait to do it again!
After a lovely brunch with lashings of tea, we left the comfort of the log-burner and ventured outside again, brr! It was still sunny outside but you could feel a slight chill in the air so we headed quickly off through Chatburn, Grindleton and Sawley to keep warm. We needn’t have worried though, as there was another climb out of Bolton-by-Bowland towards Wigglesworth, we do like a hill or three! With a right turn towards Settle Lane and Halton West, with no traffic for a change, we joined the main road to Hellifield.
Along familiar, well ridden roads we headed to Airton and the lovely ‘kick’ to Calton, Phil’s fave! Shortly afterwards, Cath got a puncture and several riders wrestled with her tyre to free the busted tube, they managed eventually. Christine headed off alone as the dogs would be cross-legged!
Meanwhile, just down the road, a few of us watched in surprise as a herd of hairy cattle walked up the road towards us! Nobody was leading them, they just appeared but they were scared of us and started running down the hill – towards our puncture people! Cows were going rump over udder all over the place on the slippery road surface, then the farmer arrived on his quad bike but he didn’t seem that bothered when we told him. Apparently he was walking them to Malham!
We reassembled at the wonky Winterburn Bridge, all safe, fully inflated and cow injury free for the home run. We formed a tight group on Grassington Road and stuck together rather impressively, avoiding all those bath tub sized holes and arriving back in town with smiles on our faces. ‘That was such good fun!’ was the first comment and I think it just about summed up the whole ride! Perfect!
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Ride Report for Wednesday Club Training.21st Nov


Chris G writes:
Moonlight and gritters this week!
Superb night to be out, 28 miler down to Ilkley then Cringles and Steeton.
Worked well as a group tonight, shared effort on front, a few attacks, no mechanicals.
Moderate pace of 17.5 average with no stopping.
Winter….bring it on!
Thanks to all 5 for turning out, great riding.
See you next week.

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Ride Report Wednesday Club Training 14/11/18

Chris G writes:

Dry roads, moonlight and a cheeky headwind. 5 riders set a fast pace up to Kettlewell, the back road from Conistone being a bit of a skills test with loose chipping’s a plenty still.
Hard efforts on the front of the group maintained a good pace into a head wind on return from Kettlewell.
We paid for early pace as one by one legs died and riders went ‘out the back’ of the group.
Very much a last man standing on final miles back to Skipton.
31 miles. 18.5 mph average this week with good effort contributions from everyone.
Thanks everyone for a cracking pace and some good speed training.
Didn’t quite stay together as a group but we’ll keep working on it.
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Ride Report Nov 10th 2018

Special Club Ride to a house-warming Cafe Stop

We were heading today for Karl and Wendy’s new place near Lawkland where we had been invited to assist in house-warming them  in their new abode. There was a good turnout of 24 for today’s rides. A measure of the main attraction was reflected in only 2 opting for the shorter route.

It helped our hosts that the faster group of 6 set off 10 mins ahead of the main bunch. They were chased and eventually caught by a late starting Jo who gained yet more Strava Cups in doing so on her new bike! The catering facilities would have been a little overwhelmed if we had arrived en masse! However soon after the turn off at Halton West we caught the others up as an unfortunate meeting with a hedge cutter, strewing the road with thorns, had brought them to a halt with 3 punctures. They soon passed us  at pace as we headed over the hill to Wigglesworth. Our route took us to Rathmell and then off up past the village school and on to the lanes to Wham. This road was a great way to get across to our destination without needing  to use  the busy A65 at Giggleswick which we  saved for the way back! The wide views of the 3 Peaks were a little obscured by low cloud today.


We were warmly welcomed into the spacious barn conversion  and met by a room full of the faster group tucking into beans on toast and Aga eggs prepared by Wendy  

and served by Karl

When the main course was finished out came the cakes and if that wasn’t enough Wendy provided carry outs of the left overs!


A very enjoyable time was had by all and in appreciation a donation  was made: £120 to the Alzheimer Society.

We dragged ourselves away from this comfortable “cafe stop” to resume our ride over to Buckhaw Brow and down to Giggleswick. But we had to get up this hill first!

The rain held off until we reached Carleton and we had clocked up 57 miles. Probably just enough to burn off the lunch that we enjoyed so much. Be warned Wendy and Karl this might become a habit!


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Ride Report for 27th Oct.

Cath Wightman writes:

A large group ignored the freezing weather and gathered for the ride this week. A faster group of 9 left first and were followed by 15 who battled into a northerly wind to get to Tosside Vicarage tearooms for lunch.

A fair bit of cheating (or a swift redirection) got us to the cafe on time. After a long, languid lunch the sun came out and a pleasant ride back to Skipton ensued  stopping briefly to “let my armpits out” as the temperature reached a balmy 7 degrees.

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Report for Wednesday Club training ride Oct.

Chris Gibbons writes:
Emphasis on consistent high pace as a group tonight.
Nappa loop with 5 club riders saw alternating turns at the front of the group to keep pace consistent and riding at tempo.
No regroups required with the 17.5 mph average and 1800ft of climbing.
Good workout for everyone on this undulating loop, a change from the intense hill efforts of recent weeks.
Thanks to all those who made it and thanks for apologies from those unable to make it on the night.
Looking forward to next Wednesday’s Training night, route will be posted soon.


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Wednesday Training night ride report for 10th Oct.

Chris Gibbons writes

An Indian Summer Night. Big hill efforts by 5 of us. Some cups earned on Strava and plenty of PR’s.
First main climb – Steeton up to the Tarn, a good opener to check if legs are good on the night.
Pole Road onto Cowling then climbing on the lanes to and through Lothersdale.
Maximum training effort by whole group tonight.Front light failure for me made last 6 miles interesting.
Note: check charge on lights regularly!
Thanks to everyone who could make it.

N.B. For those who showed initial interest in these Wednesday sessions, don’t be shy, we’re waiting to see you again. Look out for next Wednesday’s posting on FB soon.

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SCC at the Three Peaks Cyclo-Cross Race 30th Sept 2018

Chris Rose writes


Four representatives of Skipton Cycling Club took part in the challenge of the Three peaks Cyclo Cross on Sunday: Rick S, Sean McK, Steve H and Adam W.
It was a chilly day with grey cloud but no rain. There was a bit of a discussion at the start about how much kit to wear followed by a warm up ride up Stackhouse Lane.
Paul N and Chris R (support Team) took possession of a variety of gels, bananas and drinks with  a list of projected timings at the two key “dibber” points: Cold Coats and Ribblehead.
We left the riders for the race briefing and headed off to Cold Coats, via the Community shop for a breakfast snack.
From 10.30 am onward the leaders came through at great speed, some interesting bike swaps, speedy repairs and fuel handovers occurred. Sean was through first, quickly followed by Adam then Steve and Rick (bang on 11.08 am as predicted).
We then joined the convoy of cars heading up to Ribblehead (with a quick stop over in Ingleton for – a not great – coffee!)
Sean was so speedy we missed him at the dibber point but were able to cheer Adam along and hand over the drinks and gels to Steve and Rick (again, bang on time 12.47)
The final check for us was Pen Y Gent Lane. Paul was stationed strategically with spare wheels and final emergency rations.
I continued to the finish to see the riders complete the course.
Sean had a noticeable tuft of grass attached to the top of his helmet! He had fallen off, landing head first.
That slight delay plus the need to mend a snapped chain, did not prevent him from coming in first for the SCC team . Splendid!
Adam completed next, his rear mech still intact – well done!
Steve was ahead of the MV60/Rick for the majority of the race until, on finding  a final burst of energy, Rick finished 2 minutes ahead of him.
A most creditable showing for the club. All finishing in under five hours!
It is the most amazing event, a real challenge, to say the least, and certainly a ‘high end’ competition.

Ride report for 29th Sept 2018

Good weather for our autumn club rides continues and so 24 members congregated at Chevin Cycles for the off. The cooler temperatures haven’t put  off some who are still sporting shorts and summer jerseys. However 3/4 bibs and winter jerseys are beginning to put in an appearance now with leg, knee and arm warmers completing the variety. The blustery NW winds later in the day favoured those opting for apparel in keeping with the season.

The routes were not quite accurately named this week: the 30 miler was 36 in length, the 50 miler was 48 long! The faster group set off consisting of 9 led by Jonathan W and joined by Kevan at the Duck Pond. The 30 milers set off  joined by a guest rider in Skipton for the Yarndale event making a small group of 4. The main bunch was 11 strong. The route took us up to Linton. Riding sensibly along this stretch is always a judgment call and we stopped in Cracoe to let the traffic that had built up behind us pass. A small group of 10 riding 2 breast is safer then a long string of 10 single file riders I think.

Catch ups in Linton and Burnsall kept the group together as much as is possible on these narrow lanes. The Red Lion provided a “convenience” stop too.

Eyes Right at Red Lion, Burnsall

The ascent of New Road gives wide open views across to Simon’s Seat and down into Troller’s Ghyll and despite its gradients seems to be so popular that most didn’t want to stop for a breather preferring to motor on to the T junction on the Pateley Bridge Road. Is this a case of Strava segment-its? The 30 milers went west at the top of New Road towards Grassington and then down through Hetton to Garagrave and back home.

With the wind behind us we moved up past Stump Cross caverns onto Greenhow and then in a tidy bunch, at pace, down to Fewston Farm shop. The benefits of riding in a group with close cooperation between all was clear to the majority as the wind whipped across the open terrain  above Thruscross and Stonetrough. Some shelter in the group to the right and in front made for an ecomonic use of energy before the welcome cafe stop at midday.

We met up with the faster group at the cafe who were about 20 mins ahead. We were served in reasonably quick time given the numbers. It wasn’t just the usual eggs, beans and bacon that were consumed as some were tempted by the cakes on sale to replenish their carbo reserves after the previous miles of effort in the hills and cross winds.

Off again and across the reservoir dam at Fewston to climb up to Timble crossroads.

All smiles at Timble!

A pause before the fast descent to the village of Askwith gave fantastic views of big skies across the area as far as Emily Moor TV mast to the South and over to Pendle Hill in the West.

Enjoying the panorama at Askwith Moor Lane top.

The closed section of road at the Devonshire Arms was negotiated with a short walk and then we headed up the Gated Road for what  was probably the most difficult bit of the whole day. Clearly a wedding at the Tithe Barn was bringing  a substantial number of cars down that way. But most annoyingly of all was a car towing a caravan oblivious to the problems that he was causing. Many of these car drivers were happy to pull aside to let us through and give space to pass safely but a few seemed intent on making life as difficult for us as possible. Caran was forceful in pointing out the errors of their ways and gave them  plenty of advise in doing so!

Gated road mayhem!

Eventually we made it back to Skipton with many recording their slowest ever Strava times for the Gated Road segments! A post ride debrief at the Clubhouse helped to restore some perspective and get back to “normal traffic”  in Skipton a Saturday afternoon.

Thoughtful reflections?

Pictures courtesy of Paula S and her new iPhone!

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