Social Series Report (28th June) – Stainforth via Halton Gill

Today’s riders all set off from Dave’s shop as usual, the group was 12 strong but smaller than of late. This, we assumed, was down to the fact that there was something called ‘The White Rose Classic’ going on and some of our regular riders were taking part.

Anyway, we made our way along Grassington Road to Linton at some pace! We collected a rogue cyclist along the way too, who just happened to know exactly where to join us because of our excellent ride planning (pat on the back to self), so then there were 13 of us.

We continued up to Grassington and down the Grass Woods road to Coniston where we turned off to Kilnsey. The Crag looked spectacular against the moody skies, with climbers dotted around like colourful spiders.

Onwards and upwards we travelled, turning off to Arncliffe. I fell behind a bit on this road and the others became a speck in the distance. Then, all of a sudden, Gareth Evans appeared like Mr Ben (70s kids TV reference). Apparently I wasn’t the back marker, he and John Cahill had been nattering and it had slowed them down. We all got to Arncliffe and stuffed bananas and flapjack etc. down our necks and watched a couple of vintage tractors pass by, before riding up to Halton Gill and the climb up to Pen-y-ghent.

The views on this ride are amazing, even on a cloudy day. We live in such a beautiful part of the world, we are so lucky that we have hills to ride up in order to see such beauty. Then, you get to ride like the wind down the other side. Bonus!

After debating whether to visit Stainforth Foss we decided to leave it for a warmer day as it was too chilly to paddle and we needed our lunch. Off to Settle with instructions to turn left out of Langcliffe and along the High Road to Constitution Hill, we lost 2 of our boys. They rushed ahead and missed the turn. ‘Oh well, they’ll find us’ I said, and they did, although not until they’d done a tour of Langcliffe looking for us! 

The Settle Down café was busy with cyclists from Southport, they were doing an Audax and said they would complete a route over 200k by the time they got home. I pretended not to be surprised by that and wished them well. They were asking about where the best place to view Le Tour would be as they were staying in Skipton next weekend to watch. We suggested somewhere up Buckden way!

The excellent waitress service at the café was top notch again, there’s enough tea in those pots to sink a ship!

After refuelling, off we went up the cobbled street to start the climb up Attermire towards Airton. Phew! Not recommended on a full stomach! One or two dismounted, as it is hard to get going again if you stop, but we all made it up there without revisiting our lunch.

Glorious decent into Airton and over the river bridge up towards Winterburn. We turned right here to Eshton and through to Gargrave. The final hills and swoops down into Broughton are always a good sign that you’re on your way home and a quick sprint along the main road to Carleton, where we all managed to get across the junction at the same time! We waved goodbye to 2 more riders at Carleton as they were heading home to Cononley and we all went back towards town.

There’s always one motorist who wants to put a downer on the day and we met him in town. He was quite abusive, but we put his bad mood down to owning a brown car, overtook him and got out of his way. After all, Bean Loved was calling and we had earned ourselves a proper coffee! 

Lots of climbing, lots of banter and lots of views.  

A grand day out.

Social Series – Saturday 28th June

This week’s Social Series Saturday ride is going to be full of views!

You will see Pen-y-ghent close up and we are going to visit Stainforth Foss too, over a very small bridge – we may need to dismount!

As usual we will meet at DF’s bike shop at 9.30am. All welcome, just choose your ride!

50 mile route:

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30 mile route:

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And… last but not least, the GBITS route:

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Kildwick TT 25/06

Great TT last night, and some cracking pics from Karl. Fast time set by Steven Burke at 20:15!

From SCC we had Stephen Lloyd (23:49) Adam Holmes (23:44) and Liz Stefanuti (27:52). Well done to all.

Successful LPGD

Few weeks since Le Petit Grand Depart and thought it was time to report back.  In short, it went brilliantly.  Months of planning and preparation paid off and the day went smoothly.  We had brilliant sunshine, ample food and water, a great route, ace views and everyone had a brilliant day.

Some pics from the day.  See you next year!


Le Petit Grand Depart

The entries for Le Petit Grand Depart are now OPEN!

A brand new cycle event celebrating the very best cycling the Yorkshire Dales has to offer and of course the much anticipated arrival of one of the biggest events in the world sporting calendar, the Tour de France. Le Petit Grand Depart will follow the same route as Stage 1 of the Tour de France 2014. Starting from Skipton, Le Petit Grand Depart offers two fantastic routes to cater for all abilities.



This 33 mile route follows the Grand Depart route up and back down the magnificent Upper Wharfedale valley, stretching right up into the heart of the Yorkshire Dales.

This ride is a regular favourite for our club rides, it’s relatively flat and takes you up and back one of the most beautiful Yorkshire Dales” Sean McKibben, Skipton Cycling Club Chairman:



This is 78 miles over three climbs & follows much of the Tour de France stage 1 taking you over 3 climbs and along 6 dales. From the head of Wharfedale the route goes over Kidstones, the first official climb of the 2014 Tour du France. It continues along the Stage 1 route, returning to Skipton via the impressive Ribblehead viaduct, the quaint market town of Settle and the lovely Malhamdale.

Riding your bike in the Yorkshire Dales is a truly wonderful and joyous thing.  I’ve ridden around the world visiting 60 different countries and the Dales are one of the prettiest and most beautiful places to cycle.  Enjoy Le Petit Grand Départ and then the Grand Départ.” Alastair Humphreys – born and bred in Yorkshire Dales, round the world cyclist and adventurer.

The 1st Anniversary Steeplechase

Almost exactly one year to the day that the first ride of the newly reformed Skipton CC took place under gloomy skies, 24 riders gathered in a bright and sunny Aireville Park to take part in the 1st Skipton CC Steeplechase.

Teams were picked at random and the 5 checkpoints were revealed (you’ll notice a certain theme!):

The Swan Inn, Carleton

The Red Lion, Burnsall

The Craven Arms, Appletreewick

The Hare and Hounds, Lothersdale

And a feed station back at Aireville Park (with flapjacks expertly prepared by Stuart Rider)

Potential routes were discussed at the start line and the teams were set off at intervals.

Team 1 – Alan King, Maurice Mitchell, Phil Taylor, Cath Wightman

Team 1

Team 2 – Christine Buckley, Paul Norman, Iain Vokes-Tilley, Andy Wiggans

Team 2

Team 3 – Cathy Bradley, Phil Evans, Richard Sutcliffe, Rob Wills

Team 3

Team 4 – David Goldie, Michael Judge, Andrew Swindells, Steve Wilkinson

Team 4

Team 5 – Angie Evans, Caran Stephenson, Edward Whitaker, Neil Wilson (mocked-up photo as none exist!)

Team 5 (no photos exist!)

Team 6 – Rachael Benson, Mike Lowe, Claire McKibben, Bob Wightman

Team 6


A montage of the best photos can be seen below. A special mention must go to Team 3 for the most creative photos. Well done guys! As you can see from the selection of routes, everyone had different ideas.

team 1

team 6

team 4

team 2

And so to the results…








2H 57




2H 29




2H 56




2H 55




3H 34




3H 27

The riders returned to find a spectacular spread and everyone enjoyed a hard earned bite to eat in the sun. Thanks to everyone who contributed food and drink, it was a fantastic effort. Thanks also to everyone who took part, without whom the day would not have been such a success.



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